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On our tenth Anniversary, we celebrated with great deals, events and a new VIP member system.

What is the Banggood VIP program?

A program designed to foster Banggood loyalty and provide benefits to all those who stick with us.
There are 5 levels of the club, as you progress your benefits also increase.
It starts really easy and by just signing up and completing your profile you are automatically placed into level 1.

What are the benefits?

Birthday Gifts: On your birthday you will receive a set of coupons for exclusive savings, the higher your VIP level, the more you will receive.
Exclusive promotion: There will be special Banggood VIP discounts and extra deals for levels 2 and above, the benefits increase as your level increases.
Exclusive free trial: You will be considered first in any free trial event, this means you have a greater chance of receiving some items.
VIP customer service: You will have priority in any customer service issues if you are level 4 or higher.
Free expedited service: If you are Level 5 you will receive one free expedited shipping coupon valued up to $15; if the shipping is over $15 you will just receive $15 discount on the shipping fee.
Redemption ratio of Banggood points: Don’t get confused between BG points and Credits, as you order, you will also receive BG points, these points can be exchanged into coupons or discounts at the checkout. As you progress through the VIP levels you will receive a greater limit on the proportion of points you can exchange.

How do I progress levels?

Although the easiest way to progress to another level is ordering more items (each dollar you spend gives you 10 points), you can also boost your points by taking part in other activities and events.

Writing a review after ordering, a photo or picture will earn you 15 points and a video 20.
Sharing your review on Facebook will also earn you an extra 30 points.
Monthly bonus. If you order more than twice per month, you will get a monthly bonus of 50 points.
Full profile bonus, if you complete your Banggood profile, you get 50 points

The deeper analysis of the Banggood VIP club

If based purely on order, each VIP level is detailed as follows, (in USD).

1 – $1.
2 – $70 in 180 days.
3 – $170 in 180 days.
4 – $700 in 180 days.
5 – $1700 in 180 days.

We hope you make the most of this program and discover some amazing discounts and rewards.

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