Top Home Cable Managements Hacks


Cable clips

Fast simple and versatile, these can hold power, data, video and charging cables. A simple stick and insert solution to tidying up any stream of cables.

Cord tidy

For behind your computer, TV or entertainment center. Use these for cables you won’t regularly move or unplug. Stick them on the wall, behind furniture, and under desks.

Combo Charger

Minimize the size of your power block with a multi-port charger, it keeps all your devices fueled without taking up all the power sockets.

Cable box

Sometimes there are way too many cables, or cables are too long to neatly route with clips. A box holds the power strip and the cables can neatly be directed out.

Cable wall sockets

If you have some really long runs of HDMI or LAN you can install a socket and route the wire in the ceiling or in the wall, this requires more DIY skills but can completely conceal an across the room/house cord.

Long Cables

If you’re charging awkwardly, get an extra long cable so you can place the connector where it fits best. These BlitzWolf cables still charge fast and are ultra tough.

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