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If you’re in the market for a new credit card or you’re just looking for some decent gift card deals, we’ve collected all the best finance deals and specials out there. Keep this page bookmarked to stay updated and save some cash.

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How to Choose a Credit Card While credit card offers are a dime a dozen, choosing a credit card is going to be largely dependent on what sort of rewards you want and how good your credit is. Frequent travelers will probably benefit from a card with airline mileage rewards, while cash back cards and cards with reward points that can be redeemed for gift cards are great for many people if you shop at the right places. If you think you’ll be carrying a balance, you also want to make sure your card has a low interest rate. Luckily, there’s no one specific time that you’ll find the best credit card deals. Once you find a card that fits your lifestyle, just keep an eye out here for a good sign-on bonus (like extra rewards points or a higher cash back percentage on your initial purchases), and go ahead and apply. Where to Find the Best Gift Card Deals? Buying discounted gift cards is basically like getting free money. But you know what’s better than discounted gift cards? Free gift cards, that’s what. Some retailers frequently offer gift card deals when you buy a certain number of items or spend over a certain amount. Check out eBay or sites like CardCash for things like Starbucks gift card deals, Best Buy gift card deals, iTunes gift card deals and more. Target is well known for handing out gift cards with certain purchases, especially during the holiday shopping season. If you don’t score a Target gift card deal during the holidays, January is actually one of the best times to find them, since there’s not as much demand. Finally, if it’s Amazon gift card deals you’re after, be on the lookout for free gift cards from them when you sign up for any one of their many services. If you’re thinking about signing up for Prime service, for example, it’s probably best to wait for one of their frequent promotions offering Amazon gift cards to new members in the range of $15 to $20.
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