with Extra 2 Blades for Maximum Contact Survival Rate – BLACK only $12.99

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with Extra 2 Blades for Maximum Contact Survival Rate - BLACK only $12.99
with Extra 2 Blades for Maximum Contact Survival Rate – BLACK only $12.99

Imagine that you want to do a grafting job, you have to change the tools between cutting and grafting process. How troublesome it is! This Professional Grafting Pruner makes it easy for you here now! It does pruning and grafting at the same time, and the cuts made in both stock and scion are perfectly matched for maximum cambium contact, which will greatly improve the grafting survival rate. With this garden scissor, you have no need to get the hard work in cutting same slopes on both branches, no need to use any extra sharp knife as in the traditional laborious and time-consuming methods, you can make garden grafting easier and better!

Main Features:
●Prunes and grafts at the same time for saving a lot of time for you
●Improves the survival rate with perfectly fitted clean cut
●Comes with U-cut, V-cut and Omega-cut sharp blades, convenient to replace
● Easy to prune useless tree branch into U shape, V shape and omega shape
● Suitable for grafting plant branches in 3 – 13mm diameter

Handle material: high-strength ABS plastic
Blade material: high-carbon steel
Grafting width: 2mm
Grafting depth: 10mm

Warm Prompt:
Keep away from children
Do not use on dry or old hard plant

How to Use:
Step 1: Hold the grafting stock in the grafting tool and squeeze the handle to make the cut, repeat this step to cut stems from the donor plant. Take care to ensure that the groove is cut in the stock plant
Step 2: Slide the donor stem into the groove of the stock plant, matching the cut surfaces as closely as possible. If the stock and donor plant is not the same size, match on the side only
Step 3: Place sterilizing material around the joint, and bind with tape, the sterilizing material will protect against bacteria and weather conditions
Step 4: Use the pruner to cut useless branches from the plant

Note: The grafting tool comes with double-faced V-cut and U-cut and Omega-cut blades, both two ends of the blade can cut, one piece blade can be used as two pieces of blades, so you would have total six pieces of blades.

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