6-in-1 Solar Toy DIY Kit  only $3.99

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6-in-1 Solar Toy DIY Kit  only $3.99
6-in-1 Solar Toy DIY Kit  only $3.99

Assemble the 6-in-1 educational solar toy DIY kit. Teach children the benefits of solar energy. They will enjoy the process and result of building a toy by themselves. Snap the parts together without using any tools. Put the solar toy in the sun, powered by the solar panel and motor, it will start moving at once.

Main Features:
●6 different solar toys powered by one efficient solar panel, including a solar puppy, windmill, car, boat, and 2 planes
●Renewable fun from renewable energy. Enjoy playing outdoors in good weather
●Interesting DIY project for parents and children. Entertaining and educational

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